SmartClose 1.3

This is a program that automates the process of сlosing all running programs
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SmartClose 1.1 is a tool that allows you to close all currently running programs at once.
This task usually requires a restart.

SmartClose simplifies the process storing the running program information in a system snapshot. Smartclose not only closes all applications, but can also restart/restore them later.

The program also allows you to exclude programs from being closed or restored, as for example applications that are required for Windows to run.

When you run SmartClose 1.1 you will see a main menu that will allow you to perform the following tasks: Create a system snapshot and close all programs, Restore a previously taken system snapshot, View and/or change all the settings of SmartClose, View program information about SmartClose or Exit Smartclose.

The Close Programs Wizard will guide you through the process of taking a snapshot of the system, allowing you to close all running programs, and then restore the system to its previous state, if needed. You will be prompted to save the snapshot under a file name. You can later use SmartClose to roll back the system to that state.

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